Wandering the Planet... Probably the best friends for your feet

Hand made, adjustable, lightweight, vegan, sandals of foot pleasure.  Constructed with your comfort in mind, a super soft polypro rope makes these sandals machine washable and color fast.  Our sandals are great for walking everywhere, on the boat, in the canoe, at the beach, shopping, juggling, or around the house...

Traditional "JC" sandals

The original JC (traditional) rope sandal - six cross strap design, adjustable back strap, found back in the stone age, and wandering the earth.
Super comfy, made with love by hand.

Price - 65 EUR

Mountain Momma sandals

The "Mountain Momma", or "Mountain Poppa", this unisex versatile sandal has a little less straps then the traditional JC, and an adjustable backstrap.
Machine washable, super comfy and best friends for your feet..

Price - 65 EUR

Other sandals

[Foto nr. 3]

Exlusive "Nomadic State Of Mind" sandals - we do not always have them, so we order it specially for you:


Double "D" ring belt.

[Foto dirzas]

Price - 25 EUR

Handbag "Nomadic State".

[Foto rankinė_maza] [Foto rankinė_didele]

Small handbag - 25 EUR, large - 30 EUR


You can order "Nomadic State Of Mind" sandals by internet - just write us e-mail () with model, size, color you have chosen, then your address and as soon as we get the payment - we will send out the goods!!!

If total amount of your order will be more than 30 EUR - shipping will be free in Lithuania.

If you do not like to buy without try - you can find "Nomadic state of Mind" production here:


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All questions will be answered by e-mail or phone nr.: +370 655 62464, +370 614 83833






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